Grand Theft Auto IV | "Brrt" by Bunji Garlin

In 2008 the publishers of 'Grand Theft Auto IV' reported that the game produced by Rockstar Games "sold 6 million copies worldwide in its first week of release"! What is even more astounding is that "it took in US $500 million after selling just 3.6 million copies on its first day of release.
OK, so you might be wondering why am I featuring this discussion here and for a story that appeared on on May 7, 2008. Well here it is plain and simple. Bunji Garlin's song "Brrt" was featured on the sound track of Grand Theft Auto IV. Immediately I thought about the circulation/mass appeal of/for the song and possible royalties that could be earned. I wondered what kind of deal was struck to use the song.

Just think about it for a moment, that was in 2008 and it is now 2011. I am sure that a lot more of that game has been sold to date. I am not saying that Bunji should be super rich because of this game but at least he should be receiving income from the sale of each game (depending on the deal that was struck to use his song). Now one must also take into consideration that the sound track is also sold separately!

Something that I find very compelling about this is that he surely has received great exposure because of the wildfire sales that this game received world wide. Now if you really think about it Bunji's music (as a Ragga Soca singer from Trinidad) should have the biggest circulation (because of the sales of this game) than any other artiste from the Caribbean region (or it has to be close to the top!).

I find this very interesting and the statistics (of games sold as it relates to copies of this song in a buyers hand) should make for a very compelling story. Many people like to boast about songs making the billboard charts (like Kevin Lyttles's Turn Me On) and there is nothing wrong with that) but isn't it interesting that the song Brrrt by Bunji may have a bigger circulation than "Turn Me On" may ever have? Now I understand that the sale of a game and the sale of a song are two different things completely. However in terms of circulation (and legitimate sales) of a song (even thought it was packaged as one of many songs on the sound track for the game) this song by Bunji is huge!

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!

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"Brrt" - Bunji Garlin 2007

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