"All I Want" | Jeffrey Peter Biddeau (Peter Levels)

This is music from someone you may not have heard from before. I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with this voice. However, once again we have  another 'wine' song. This looks like it will be the theme for Carnival 2012. 

However, after listening to the effort, I found myself going hmm. I had to listen to it again (that is a plus); there is something that I like about this singer's voice. He has a really pleasant voice that should keep him relevant in today's fast paced 'new style' music. Now even though this is a 'wine' song the lyrics are on point and tell the story of what he wants for Carnival.

Now here are some thoughts about the singer and the song:
The vocal performance is excellent. This guy's voice is one to remember and pleasant to listen - yes I approve of this singer's vocals. The music has a good feel to it. I would have liked to hear some brass elements in the song but this is the age of computerized music production. This song is a good one and would have benefited from traditional brass elements. Having said that I still like what they did with this one. 

Now in terms of longevity this one will have a Carnival shelf life simply because of two things... the first is because of the 'wining theme'. What happens after the carnival is over? Who wants to listen to a song about wining when the wining season is over! Secondly and more importantly is the problem of the "Soca Switch". All Carnival music will suffer from the effects of the Soca Switch when 99 percent of the radio stations in Trinidad switch back to Dancehall and R&B music from Ash Wednesday! My advice... stay tuned in to Wack Radio 901 fm out of San Fernando for total local content 24/7!

Notes from the music blast:
The name of the song is "All I Want"; it is a song that was performed and written by Jeffrey Peter Biddeau (Peter Levels). It was produced and mixed by Brennon Val Vergil and mastered by the boys from 'South' aka Precision Productions.

Production Notes:
Produced by: Brennon Val Musik
Mixed by: Brennon Val Musik
Mastered by: Precision Productions for 2012 Trinidad Carnival.

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Anonymous said…
Whoever is peter levels we in FL love this jam...hope to hear more of u for 2k12...more music mr peter