Wining Themed Songs | Trinidad Carnival 2012

When the Carnival starts watch the bacchanal start! When the bacchanal starts watch the wining start! In other words wining is synonymous with Carnival. Every year we get songs that have the 'Wining Theme'. Carnival 2012 will not be any different and in this post I will feature fourteen wining themed songs. Some of these songs have already been featured on this blog while a few will be heard here for the first time.

Some people are down right fed up with the stigma attached to 'Trinidad Soca Songs' in that they say the songs are all about wining, waving rags and flags and simply promoting themes that are not motivating the audience to do anything good or worthwhile. They have gone on to say that the rest of the Caribbean Soca Singers should move away from the Trinidad model and create a new wave of positive vibes for new Soca songs.

I agree that we need a better mix of themes and we have seen recently that the Chutney Soca Competition Organizers intend to do something about themes that are not positive. While I am all for that I will stick to the realization that an artiste has a right to sing about whatever he or she wants to and let the market dictate if the song and theme will succeed. I am not the type of person who is that zealous that I will stifle creativity because I feel that the music should go in a certain direction. As a matter of fact let me say this: The artist should go with that which he or she feels good about and what he/she thinks will grab the attention of the youth. Promoting values is a job for parents and the educational system. I am not saying that they should go about degrading women in song or cussing or promote rum drinking or anything like that... I am not an extremist. All I am saying is let the artistes create songs that they think they can succeed with and let the market dictate their success or failure.

Now I will present 14 Wining Themed Songs: Name of Song and Singer followed by the songs for playijng. If you like a song leave a comment saying, 'Try It" and if you don't like it leave a comment saying, "Sky It". That is the way they deal with Ah like that song or ah dislike that one" on Wack Radio, the Culture Krazy radio station in Trinidad that promotes the musical culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

The iZ F. Machel Montano : Whine

Devon Matthews : Gimme The Wine

Swappi - Nuff Wine

Shal Marshall : Don't Stop Wine

Shurwayne Winchester : Wine On It

Rayza and Flipo - Wine Insomnia

Nika Hill - Wine Back on it

Mista Spine - wine Gal

Super Jigga - Thundah Wine

Super Jigga TC - Winning

Patrice Roberts - Slow Wine

Mastamind and Lyrikal - Winin' Away

Wine for your lover - Ziggy Ranking

Zoelah - Hard Wine

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