"Wet Meh Down" | Swappi Feat Johnny King

Wheel and come again... Don't you just love it when something from the past comes back and slaps you in your face like a refreshing swash of water to wake you up - that is exactly what Swappi did with this classic Johnny King track aka "Wet Meh Down".

This is "Wet Meh Down" 2012 as conceived by Swappi and produced by 1st Klase...Man I love this remake. Johnny King makes a cameo in this track to hook you with the original "Wet Meh Down" theme and sound. However, this is a modern production for the youth. It is a slamming track that deserves airplay on the radio. There is no doubt that this will be a party favorite for this upcoming carnival season. 

I have said that I love the new track because it is musically enlightening but the original is lyrically supreme to this version. Of course we are talking about a calypso compared to a dance party remake of a classic Johnny King track. So I can't post the new track without giving those visiting this site for the first time an insight into the talent of Johnny King and his original version of the song.

Now let me say this... Some people really dislike this version of the classic 'Wet Meh Down' and wonder why did Johnny King lend his voice on this track? I do understand that the original, when it is very good, is a difficult thing to get by if you choose to do a cover or use it to recreate something new.

Having said that, I see the two songs as completely different works of art... I will never criticize an artistes work and go so far to call it garbage or whatever. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I have been to several museums in Manhattan and wonder "what the hell these people see in some of the artworks" only to find out that they are worth millions. My point is simply this ... this is all subjective. What you like I may not and the same goes in reverse.

I like it and almost everyone else thinks that it is garbled and crudely put together... However there is something I like about it and it is not geared for the cultured 'ear' but for the youth and I do believe that the youth will jam with it.

Both songs are presented here for your entertainment and promotional purposes only. The songs can be sourced on YouTube. Various music sites have the songs for sale if you wish to add them to your musical collection. I first heard this track on islandmix.com.

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Wet Meh Down - Swappi feat. Johnny King
Wet Meh Down - JOHNNY KING (Original Version)

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