International Soca Awards 2011 | A Failed Endeavor!

I was asking people (who should know) what happened at the iSA Awards show? That question had noting to do with the Newsday article linked above via "Blog this" but had to do with the results! Nobody seemed to know! Finally someone posted on islandmix that Madzart won for "Best New Male Soca Artist"- congratulations to Madzart! But wait just one minute... Madzart has been doing Soca for more than ten years now. If you can recall Kevin Lyttle's hit "Turn Me On", well he was the first voice recorded on that song before the Kevin Lyttle/Spragga Benz version was done. I believe the situation is the same for Fya Empress who won for  "BEST NEW FEMALE ARTIST"The newspaper report did not 'paint a favorable portrait of the event' and commented that it was "A Comedy of Errors at iSA Awards".

The article linked above tells it all... a comedy of errors! It seems like they simply cannot get anything done correctly with that show - this has happened before! It has never received praises from anyone that I know to date. I remember when Damion Melville of Wack Radio had to guest host the show in New York a few years ago (on the fly) and was not even thanked for bailing them out of the position they found themselves in. Apparently this one was no different because their 'special guest host' never turned up... no one even knows who was that special guest host.

The only saving grace was host Tommy Joseph according to the article. He did his thing and kept the audience laughing (maybe laughing at the disgrace the show turned out to be). No wonder no one takes the show seriously.

Now in the article we learn that the government did some sponsoring to the tune of $1.2 Million dollars - for what? The Newsday article reported that "very little planning seemed to have gone into the project" and that numerous invited guests/artistes were not present! This show is seen as a Trinidad and Tobago production and is making Trinidad a big joke in the Caribbean Soca community. Please note that this show's home base is NYC, USA! I was listening to Large Radio ( and they were literally laughing at the fact that the "Curry Crew" aka Trinidadians are now recognizing Madzart and Fya Empress. I hope this show never returns to Trnidad (I mean that!). Colin Jackman should be ashamed... again!

Awards given out on the night: 

Best New Female Soca Artiste – Fire Empress (present)

Best New Male Soca Artiste – Madzart (absent)

Best Soca Compilation Rhythm of the Year – Honey Rhythm by Kernal Roberts (late)

Best Soca Chutney Music Video of the Year – Ravi B (present)

Best Groovy Soca (Male) – Benjai “Trini” (absent)

Best Soca Music Video of the Year – Kerwyn Thorpe (present)

Best Uptempo Soca Award (female) – Michelle Xavier “Feting For Days” (present)

Best Soca Artiste Album/CD of the Year – Machel Montano The Return (present)

Slam Your Favourite Award – Nebula 868 (present)

Best Uptempo Soca (Male) – Machel Montano “Advantage”

Best Soca Radio DJ of the Year – Marlon Mr Soca Music

Best Soca Info Website – (absent)

Overall Soca Chutney Band of the Year – Karma

Soca Song of the Year – Kees “Wotless” (absent)


SAO Legend Award – Allrounder

SAO Trustees Award – Charlies Roots, Chandileer, Sound Revolution, Fire Flight, Kalyan (present) and Blue Ventures

SAO Technical Award – Frank Martineau (absent) and Roy Maharaj (present)

Missing Honorees:

SAO President’s Award; The Colin Jackman’s Award – Winston “Gypsy” Peters

SAO Life Time Achievement Award - Errol Ince

SAO Legend Award – Anthony ‘Mighty Gabby’ Carter

SAO Trustees Award – Chandileer, Sound Revolution, Fire Flight, Blue Ventures, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

SAO Technical Award - Frank Martineau, Cliff Harris, Randy Glasgow.

Results: 'via Newsday'

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