Pumpin | Shal Marshal & Umi Marcano 2012

Everybody.... March out to Shal and Umi because this one is not just playing on your music senses but will also keep you "Pumping and playing until the sun comes down. This song is another one that was created in Trinidad and Tobago. It was produced by Madmen Productions and Mixed and Mastered by Madman Johann. This one gives you the Carnival jumping and follow the truck on Carnival day feeling too! Call it Island Pop or whatever you want... it is celebration of things to come from sweet TnT!

I have to give credit to Julian on Islandmix because I first heard this and most of the other new releases on Islandmix first. Now DJ Caption of Wack Radio can boast that he is a professional DJ and maybe that is what he is... but I know where I heard most of my new music coming out of Trinidad first... Islandmix.com not from any Radio Station uploading data packets on the Internet. Talk 'allyuh' talk but when you want the latest music go to Julian Promotions to hear them first!

For now just enjoy the music and wait for the radio stations to play catch up... This one is a party shaker.. just enjoy the pumping base from Shal, Umi and Madmen Productions... it is "Pumpin"!

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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