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This is a lost cause - I can't keep up with the new music. I have a list of songs that are in a folder for music posts. I have been doing individual 'write-ups' and have been posting two and sometimes three blog notes per night; all introducing new music. I have music waiting to be published for the upcoming week plus I have a folder of songs still to be uploaded to the blog. Tonight I saw that Julian from Islandmix uploaded about eight new songs. I just cannot keep up doing posts for each artiste.

Well what should I do? I have decided that for this post I will feature ten new songs for Carnival 2012. The Songs and artistes are listed below followed by the songs.
All the new music presented here are for promotional purposes only and can be viewed/listened at Julian's YouTube page at this link: Julianspromos YouTube.
  1. Makamillion - "Jumbie"
  2. Orlando Octave - "Gyal Alone"
  3. Jade Lopez - "Do Me"
  4. D Pat - "Road Calling"
  5. Militant - "Sugar Cane"
  6. Kerry John - "Jouvay"
  7. Jah Mel - "Feeling"
  8. Yankee Boy - "Come Test Me"
  9. Blaxx - "Jusso"
  10. Terry Lyons - "Feeling Fine"

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