Mr. Fete | Machel Montano | Trinidad & Tobago 2012

This is the latest release from Machel Montano. It was released tonight. The song was produced and mixed by Precision Poductions. It was written by "Full Blown Entertainmen, Machel Montano & Kasey Phillips.

The track was mastered by Sterling Sounds in New York. Carnival is fete and Mr. Soca has decided that it is time that someone should pay homage to you... Mr. Fete!

This one was advertised earlier on islandmix just before midnight and it was amazing to see how the threads lit up with expectation and of course the haters waiting to call it trash - nothing new here!

Machel Montano, the artist, did not disappoint and "Mr. Soca", the song,  did not disappoint! The good thing about this song is that it is not on any announced Riddim. Kasey Phillips and Precision Productions are going to be a force in this new era of the modern Soca riddim makers!

Mr. Fete Official Music Video!

When you first listen to this one it may not hit you as something out of the ordinary but after listening to it a few times it really sticks in you senses. If you like to fete and "go night and day" and intend to "come again" then this one will become one of your party favorites for sure. There is a chant in the song that will hook you to this one:
"Feting is we name, we doh play, we going night and day, no fete can tire we, we coming again everyday, we full ah energy is fete whey calling we like that is we name. Doh care if ah wine on you, ah want yuh start wining back!"

OK, thumbs up to Machel and Precision productions for the work done on this track. A note to the haters... You will be partying and grooving to this track for sure!

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Now lend me your ears... Enjoy!
♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).
Mr. Fete - Machel Montano (Precision Productions)

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