"Keep On Wukking" | Destra Garcia

Destra recently did "Feel Like Wukking" and apparently caught the "wukking" bug. Now with the help of Antilles Riddim producer Kasey Phillips lady Destra wants us all to "Keep On Wukking".  This song was written by Destra and Kasey Phillips and was produced and mixed by Precision Productions in Trinidad. The finishing touches were done in New York at Sterling Sound where the track was mastered.

Some of her fans are wondering what is going on with Destra and her new foray into this crossover Soca session. They want her to get back to her traditional style of bringing it Trini style with wining and bacchanal renditions. However, the trend today is to remake yourselt and keep the essence of your talent front and center and let the public decide if it is a hit or a miss. In some circles people are scratching their heads but then again in some circles eyebrows are raised and people are watching and learning and moving with the current trend. The trend seems to be heading in the direction of Groovy Soca but more-so with an 'Island Pop sound' to the music.  I think in time everyone will say that Destra has wukked up her behind to create something new something with an old feel and something that you can move and groove to... look, you will like it all!  Look in the Caribbean region one has to look to where it all started (Yes Trinidad) and for this swing of the calender it it fabulous!

As I mentioned in previous posts this upcoming carnival will set the standard for new music productions in the Caribbean region. The music released to date is really good and are being released way before the start of the Carnival season. Lady Destra Garcis is really wukking up the music and has a few really good songs out already. This new track has the trademark sound of Precision Productions. I would have liked to hear her on the Antilles Riddim.

Destra Garcia – Keep On Wukkin’ (Precision Productions) (Trinidad Carnival) 2012 (Soca) 

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