Hot Ice Does Melt | Marvelous Marva

Someone recently asked me what ever happened to Marvelous Marva? I responded with I really don't know but maybe Tigress of the United Sisters (back in the day) might be able to shed some light on that question. I continued with, "Oh, and by the way, do you have a copy of Holding on to T&T that I can use for a blog post?"

So far I am stumpted because I have looked on Amazon and other mp3 pay sites to purchase a copy of that song without success. I know I can ask certain people in the radio business for a copy but I recently realized I should really not do that and make the extra effort to purchase a copy of the song.

Marvelous Marva is an excellent singer and one who has survived the Soca craze. I don't know if Tigress has delved into Soca but this song by Marva is a Soca song with its heart anchored in Calypso. She takes a look at a situation that recently was in the headlines in Trinidad and like any good Calypsonian reported on the issue. This is Calypso at its finest intepreted with a Soca beat! I like this song and you wil too.

The song was produced and mixed by Julio Neilson and is a composition of Ronald Forde @ New Generation Studios. It was mastered by FM Studios.

This song is presented here for promotional purposes only and can be sourced from YouTube at this link: Youtube/hot ice does melt.

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).


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