"Hold Meh" | Noella "Noey" Skair

Who is Noey? Well welcome to the world of Noella Skair aka Noey. This song was produced by DJ Future with the remixxing Guitar done by Jason Lee. Jason is also known as Kidblaze of Ahtik Studio Productions.

I listened to this song but it does not sound 'complete'- it sounds disjointed. I don't get the feeling of the vocal and the music coming together as one single unit. In other words the sound did not reach out and grab me... it started out really nice but fizzled - the body of the music sounded flat! Having said all of that, I like Noey's voice very much.... There is a sweetness to her vibes and I am sure I will have good things to say about work she does in the future. Listen to the track and leave some feedback. If you disagree with me say so and I will post your comments with this post.

It is presented as such but there is a separation that I can't put my finger on. I even put on my headphones and pumped up the volume but the vibe did not grab me. This song has potential but needs some work. Of course Noey and her production team will disagree with me (I am not a professional anything in music). However, as a consumer of music I am entitled to my opinion and have expressed it here.

Noey has a good future in the industry (obviously the talent is there) but they will need to work out some areas of the production before she can 'bust out' on the Soca scene and have some impact.

Listen to the song and judge for yourself. It is presented here for promotional purposes only.

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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