"Grandpa Cocoa" | Coyaba

All this Trini vs Vincy nonsense (on islandmix.com Soca thread) should stop with this unity of talent! So now the question is this: Is it a vulgar song or just good double entendre? This is funny as hell; Coyaba is the singer but it was written by a Trini... Gary Bannister aka 'Simple Dread'. Check out Coyoba speaking about it in this YouTube clip!

This song will make you laugh but for some it may be considered too rude to be played on air. Sometimes double entendre can be taken a little bit too far but then again Granpa Cocoa speaks volumes when the hook 'sucking grandpa cocoa' is heard. Vincentian Soca Artist Coyaba speaks about a song written by Gary Bannister (Simple Dread) out of Trinidad.

This song is about a child growing up on a cocoa plantation. He used to watch his grandmother working with his grandfather on the cocoa plantation... Well grandma had this unusual habit of sucking cocoa pods. Of course the cocoa pods belong to his grandpa and the hook came that grandma was sucking grandpa cocoa.

Hello this is double entendre for your money but then again if your mind wanders away from cocoa and in its place you think about 'coco' then that is an issue for you to work out. Do you think that the song is vulgar or is it good double entendre. Really good or just to raw... give us some feedback.

Here is a note from a friend of mine... He posted this on my Facebook Link:
Hugh Hugginsjr: Santi,even though it maybe considered "raw",as far as the lyrics,I've heard more explicit songs...From a musician standpoint however,no melody,Horrible arrangement,bad vocal expression(no style)and lack of creativity with the writing.these folks need to take a page from Artist like Sparrow and Bomber on how to get it done...Just my opinion.Bless up.

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