Auntie Nanny | Nnika Francis (Grenada)

Nnika Francis aka as simply 'Nnika' was born in the Isle of Spice and is one of Grenada's youngest and very talented Soca Singers. Auntie Nanny is her release for 2011 that she also makes it way into the 2012 Trinidad Carnival market.

Some sites are announcing this song as 'a new song' for carnival 2012 in Trinidad. However, this one was released for the Grenada 2011 Carnival. It is simply being repackaged and offered again as a new track. I don't think that the Trinidad listening public have heard this one before. 

So 'doh play with her Nanny' and if you know about the use of the word Nanny in the islands you will understand that she is not speaking about any East Indian grandmother (clue). The word 'Nanny' here is used in typical calypso double entendre style here and not in the traditional East Indian translation for 'grandmother'. Any West Indian will understand what Nanny means in this song! 

Yes (use of crystal ball in play), that is exactly what she is making reference to in the song. Many non West Indians will not get it but listen and think about woman's body and voilĂ , all will be made known to you!

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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