"Amanda" | Kenneth Salick

This is the latest release for Carnival 2012 from former Chutney Monarch Champion (2009) Kenneth Salick. This song is a very laid back track and not one of the moving shake up the place chutney Soca offerings. It feels a bit to laid back to compete for the Chutney Monarch Title in 2012. This is one to sit back and relax to at home late in the evening.

Something to take note of is the fact that he sang a love song and kept far away from the rum topics that have ruined so many Chutney songs in the past. You may recall the song "Radica" that initially put Kenneth on the Chutney Soca Map; this one is the same style but sounds a little more refined. 

Maybe this relaxed style is not what you are looking for in a Chutney offering or maybe it is exactly what you want to hear. This one will contend for the Chutney Monarch preliminary competition because the lyrics are not derogatory towards women and the melody is not copied from Bollywood. This bodes well for Mr. Salick and we wish him well with this release. 

We will begin to post some of the Chutney Soca releases in the coming weeks. So keep checking for the latest ones as they come on stream. Let us know if you think the public will appreciate this one: Kenneth Salick – Amanda (Chutney - Produced By Big Rich D Pungalunks Factory) 2012.  Hmmm... I don't really feel this song... I applaud the originality but I cannot connect with the song...

♫Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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