"When will it End?" | Kurt Allen 2012

Finally something for 2012 outside of the Soca scene and it is a good one indeed... a thought provoking Calypso sung by one of our best Calypsonians - "The incredible Kurt Allen!" The song is titled, "When Will It End?"

He calls himself, 'The Last BadJohn Of Calypso' (LBC) and was the 2010 Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago; he delivers one that leaves you in awe of his talent. Kurt Allen  attacks the topic of crime in the country asking "when will it end?" He then wails about the fact that "every day is a murder, somebody dead!" He is brilliant and articulate and delivers the message with passion and pain in his voice.

If you love Calypso (and who doesn't?), you will love this one. When Kurt asks the question, "When will it end", he is asking the question that almost every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago is asking. He approaches the topic from every angle including the innocent victims, the politicians, the corrupted ones in the society and the innocent children. The song is a reflection of our own failings as citizens and shows that in the end  it is all confusing for every citizen. "Trinbago was like ah starch mango... so sweet." Isn't that so true? Who ever thought that we would reach the point that the only answer to help solve the problem is a 'State of Emergency?' Listen to Kurt tell the story...

When you listen to the song, the story teller's voice expresses the pain, the confusion and despair felt by everyone caught in this very difficult situation. I just love listening to this brilliant young son of the soil. This is a collector's item - get it!

From the Artiste:
Kurt Allen 2012 Social Commentary; dedicated to the people! It's a simple song about our beloved Trinidad and Tobago; entitled: “WHEN WILL IT END
Check it out, and if it meets your likings, share it with a friend and you'll qualify for a free download - YES FREE DOWNLOAD!! - as we celebrate Calypso History Month... "BLESS!"

You can see the video from Kurt's Page at this link: Kurt Allen's YouTube Page!

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