"Tere Yaad/Hold You Down" | Melobugz and Zan

Wheel and come back again... Hello, let's go back to Carnival 2010 when a sweet remix just did not make radio airplay. At least the stations I listened to did not play this track... What a crying shame! Zan's "Hold You Down" from 2009 is mixed with Tere Yaad" is a very masterful and sweet fashion that just makes you want to groove to the music. You will have to find this one under the music genre "Chutney" but the music is really a Carnival sound.

Zan and Melobugz really 'wuked up dis chune' - talk about nice rhythms...Hello, radio DJ's please say something to explain this miscarriage of musical justice?! Did I say the spirit of togetherness of musical madness is stirring the pot with this remix? Well that is what happens when two cultures from one country is mixed and matched so perfectly that the Soca and Chutney rhythms sound so sweet that one can only call it Carnival music. The Melobugz music machine (Unleashing the Power Withing. Music Generation for the Next Generation) along with Zan (Legal name, Joel Levi Feveck, a multi-talented singer and song writer) have really outdone themselves with this remix.  Now that is what we are talking about!

Forget all the nonsense and get into this Zan track with Melobugz. I guarantee you that you will be chipping along to this song. It is one to add to your collection. As you can tell the maddening crowd is moving away from Calypso and grooving to this new sweet dance music that the new generation of singers are producing. Some call it Soca but truly this song is  a hybrid of music that only Trinidad and Tobago can bring to the plate. 

Now enjoy the music... 

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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