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Kes the Band has released a new single from the album titled 'stereo type'. The song was written by  'the Band' (Kees Dieffenthaller, Riad Boochoon, Jon Dieffenthaller and Hans Dieffenthaller) Mario Callendar and Madmen Productions.

The music keeps evolving but the 'niceness factor' remains constant! This band is very versatile and will not only produce jump and wine music but has a repertoire of Calypso and Soca songs to add to their growing music collection. This one comes under the banner of Caribbean Pop of the Ballad genre.

The band's music is not what one would expect from Trinidad and Tobago. As a matter of fact they don't only play Calypso and Soca (signature music from the twin island republic) but a blend of all music; their musical creativity has created a new sound that has been labeled 'Caribbean Pop' by Kees Dieffenthaller, the band's lead singer. The following is a clip from the music website known as Reverbnation:
"Kes the band’s unique blend of soulful vocals and calypso-inspired melodies, over a fusion of rock riffs and island beats, hints of soca and reggae, but can best be described as Caribbean Pop. This style has elevated Kes to stardom, in parts of the Caribbean and North America – where they routinely sell out shows, and win over audiences with their electric and highly energetic performances!:  

The song and lyrics are posted here for your personal entertainment. Listen and enjoy and if you are in the mood sing along with the lyrics provided below! This is song number five on the album that has fourteen songs.

Press Play (small triangle in circle) to listen to the song.

TAKE ME AWAY (Lyrics to sing along)

(hey hey hey , ooo , oh , ooo, oh )


She's moving erotic she's on the scene again,
Wearing that dress and her lips are burning red,
Searching and hoping that she'll find someone who'll have her, yeah
Inside of the madness there's a familiar face, (see a face)
Don't want him to see her cause she's so out of place,( out of place)
She turns away ....but inside she cries save me , please , take me away,


Take me on a ride make it all go away ,
Far away from this place, you're pulling me down,
I never found the words that I wanted to say, I keep running away,
I should be leaving , so many reasons , I wonder how I lost my way
I stopped believing , no longer feeling,
Take me away I swear I'll never come back down


She's telling herself , I'd be OK , No one followed me, poor little runaway
On her own , she survives , but where is she gonna sleep tonight,
So she moves with this one (this one) and goes with that one(that one),
Don't got to like them , just as long as she gets a fix yeah,
Now the storm is brewing, and she opens her eyes
So alone , in the crowd she cries


I'll never come back down , so many reasons, I already lost my way ..yeah
So wont you take me away , take me away ,ooohh , take me away , take me away, take me away,
yeah,  ooo , oh , ooo, oh.

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