Soki Soki (Frenchman) | Tejay featuring Ayana John

I was browsing the new songs on IslandMix and came across a song I remembered from 'back in the day'. The remake is interesting and is posted here since it was done for the 2012 Carnival season in Trinidad.

This one comes via an upload from Julian to YouTube; both versions of the song are featured at the end of the post for your listening pleasure and discourse.   

"Frenchman" (Soki Soki) was originally done by the Trinidadian band "Taxi" in 1990. The song was written by Robin Imamsha (of Taxi) and originally sung by Cathy Ella.

It was Cathy Ella who apparently put the RED Boyz in contact with Robin Imamshah (I guess to get permission to cover the song). Apparently Robin Imamshah loved the idea of a remake of the song and even made some subtle changes to the lyrics for this cover version. 

It was now in the hands of the RED BOYZ who then went on the hunt for a singer or singers for the remake. They chose Tejay and Ayana and worked closely with Imamshah to ensure that he was pleased with the final release ('nuff' respect, I guess). 

The original name of the song is "Frenchman" but is re-released with the punchline name of "Soki Soki". After listening to both recordings I still prefer the original version done by "Taxi".The new music may have a more enhanced rhythmic value to it and Of course any new version done will be recorded with a better quality of sound and enhanced to encourage sales. Having said that, I will stick to my guns with this one.... "Taxi" and Cathy Ella over Tejay and Ayana! This is one time I have chosen the original over the cover version.

Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

Here is the original version of the song as sung by Cathy Ella with the band "Taxi".


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dancerboy said…
Maybe because i know the original version of this song, i could relate to it more than many other similar soca vibes. It would be a difficult task to convert me to this genre. I still see it as geared to a younger generation. But, I guess the old folks of my time, may have said the same thing about the genre I grew up woih.
Anonymous said…
Hey Thanks for posting. We love the original much that we kept alot of the original instrumentation. Our aim was to bring this great song to the younger generation...and we appreciate that there are many who will stick to their guns and prefer the original version...nuttn wrong there..

Mikey (De Red Boyz)
Santiwah said…
Dancerboy, I have said to you that you have to get with it and embrace the new music... everything is changing and today the music is geared for the younger generation... they are the ones buying the music!