SOCA | Soul of Caribbean Artform?

Lord Shorty must be turning in his grave! S.O.C.A explained as Soul of Caribbean Artform is a new musical effort by UK based artiste Scrappy; it was launched on itunes on Friday October 14, 2011.

Nothing is wrong with his interpretation of the music (as he feels it); but once again we have someone telling the World what SOCA music is without a word about the origin of the musical art form. Soca music was created in Trinidad by the late and great Lord Shorty born Garfield Blackman.

Scrappy may love SOCA Music but so many people are using the name Soca to promote a brand of music that is really a hybrid of the original music created by Lord Shorty in Trinidad. The sad thing is that most people reading 'Scrappy's' terminology will come to believe that Soca stands for "Soul of Caribbean Art form" and not the "Soul of Calypso" as explained by the creator of the music.

When Lord Shorty created the new music, which he called Sokah, it was misrepresented in the press as SOCA... The name Soca stuck. He called his music  the 'Soul of Calypso' (not Soul Calypso) which, he explained, was a blend of African and East Indian rhythms with the prime focus on bringing the races together with what he called a "Dougla Rhythm" (a Dougla is a person of mixed race, one parent East Indian and the other African). Some even went as far as saying that SOCA came from SOul of CAlypso, where the SO from Soul and the CA from Calypso were used to create the word SOCA. Let the genius creator of 'SOCA' (Sokah) tell you how the music genre came about and how the name was misspelled by Ivor Fereira of the Punch newspaper.... SOCA became mainstream!

Sometimes it is a good thing to repeat a statement for emphasis; and I want everyone to know the truth, so here we go again now that we have a soon to be muddled situation through this newly released album: Soul of Caribbean Art form. However, lets listen to Lord Shorty explain what he created in this 1995 GBTV interview.

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