Soca Ska Riddim | Shal Marshall & Supa Jigga TC

Shal Marshall - "Trouble" | Super Jigga TC - "Bang Bang". Two for one today... SOCASKARIDDIM featuring the Songs BangBang and Trouble.

These two songs by Shal Marshall and Super Jigga TC clearly show the change in the music. It is being marketed as Soca released for Carnival2012. However, if you listen to the main beat of the song the it is easily understood that this is not Soca and has nothing to do with Soca except to be used as a selling tool. 

The Soca Ska Riddim is clearly more Ska that anything else. I dare anyone to point out the Soca Rhythms in these two songs! (Please note that the word 'Riddim' is Jamaican slang used for 'Rhythm').

I have said it before and will say it here again the music being marketed as Soca does not have the traditional Soca beat but is really a hybrid music being marketed under the name of Soca because they are created for the Carnival season. 

If these songs were released some other time no one would be saying "Soca". However, this is the time that the new music for carnival is released. This has nothing to do with Calypso (traditional Carnival music). This music, in my opinion has been supplanted by the new music for the fetes... this is the dance music of Carnival. The Calypso is now reserved for the tents, Dimanche Gras and Panorama competitions. If you feel like listening to Calypso then tune into stations like Wack Radio from San Fernando (on the web go to to listen to Calypso music.

This post was created to feature two songs on the 'Soca Ska Riddim'. The singers are part of the new generation of party music singers... I don't even know if it is safe to call them Soca singers and we know for sure that they are not calypsonians. Well,  let's do what we came here to do and feature the two songs.

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