"Slow Wine" | Patrice Roberts 2012

"Wuk and go down, wuk and come up... Wuk that slow wine on me. Wine on me and I will wine on you!" Patrice says that it is poetry in motion but the wine wine and more wine sound somewhat boring. Now don't get me wrong this song will have people dancing at the parties for Carnival 2012. However, with such an early release, this one will not be 'the hit song' that it was intended to be... Damn she released it too early! I have a feeling that it will fizzle and be just another song for Carnival 2012.

I have seen postings like the following:"Soca princess Patrice Roberts has done it again with her latest groovy Soca single, Slow Wine." I wanted to get the opinion of someone who listens to Soca religiously and my friend Vanessa walked in as I was writing this post. I played the track and she fell in love with it - tells you how much I know.  She was dancing to the song and without hesitation said she loved it...

Yes, she (Patrice) is loved by many but that does not mean to say that I have to come here and give praise to something that sounds familiar. I get the feeling that I heard this before, it is just that her voice is so distinct that her music sounds the same to me... I am sorry but that is the feeling I get after listening to her/this song.

This song does not have the 'umph factor' that grabs my attention. I don't see myself singing this one after listening to it like I did with Superblue's "Rock My Soul"; and keep in mind that Rock My Soul in not a new track!

So much for my ranting.... The song was written by Patrice with assistance from another soca artiste, Patrick "Mista Vybe" Gordon and Kasey Phillips. The music was produced and mixed by precision Productions and mastered by Sterling Sounds.

"Slow Wine" is posted here for your listening pleasure. Please leave your feedback regarding your take on the music and lyrics. If you love it and think it will be a major hit let us know... Your comments will be posted!

Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).
Slow Wine - Patrice Roberts 2012

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