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Shame and Scandal in the family is a classic calypso that has been covered by many artists over time. This version presented here is done by a classic calypso singer who is also a very versatile calypsonian. The Lord Relator (Williard Harris) is not only a gentleman but is also a brilliant singer. He sings calypso in a traditional style and did this song as part of the Dirty Jim's Swizzle club and calypso grandeur album.

The album is part of a film documentary and comes with eighteen songs sung by legendary calypsonians. "Shame and scandal in the family" is track number two on the album. This album is a tribute to singers who sang wonderful songs during a very trying period of Trinidad's development. The album is a tribute to these singers and is set in the reconstituted  "Dirty Jim's Club" that was the place to be in Port-of-Spain Trinidad. The following songs are listed on the album.
  1. Introduction by Holly Betaudier
  2. Lord Superior - White Man Wife
  3. Relator - Shame And Scandal In The Family
  4. Bomber - Ugly Woman
  5. Rum & Coca-Cola (Instrumental)
  6. Mighty Sparrow - Spoken Interlude
  7. Lord Superior - Jean & Dinah
  8. Bomber - Bam Bam
  9. Relator - Nora
  10. The Mighty Terror - Interlude
  11. The Mighty Terror - Life In London
  12. Relator - Matilda
  13. Bomber - Doctor Kitch
  14. Lord Superior - Never Ever Worry
  15. Mighty Sparrow - Memories
  16. Rum & Coca-Cola (Instrumental - Bonus Track)
  17. Superior, Bomber & Relator - Extempo
  18. Lord Superior - Glamour Boys Again
  19. Bomber - United States Of The West Indies
"The "Calypso @ Dirty Jim's" boxset contains a CD of Calypso classics since the 30s by the most famous artists of the genre and a DVD of a musical documentary - colorful and moving - both of which are a sensible and original evocation of the Golden age of Calypso." via Mondomix Music.

The original song was done by another son of the soil,. Sir Lancelot originally wrote and sang the song during the 1940s. It is reported that he returned to Trinidad to his hometown of Cumuto where he was not accepted because he chose to sing Calypso. This was not the kind of song a gentleman would sing. Apparently, he came from a 'well-to-do' family who did not take kindly to his singing of calypso. Lancelot Victor Pinard took the sobriquet 'Sir Lancelot' for his calypso career. Sir Lancelot was a pharmacist by trade but instead took a different path in New York. This scorn led to the song "Shame and Scandal in the Family". Sir Lancelot went on to have a very successful singing and acting career in the US. The song, Shame and Scandal also known as "Fort Holland" was sung in the movie "I walked with a Zombie (1943) by Sir Lancelot.

Now let us sit back and relax and listen to the unique singing style of the Lord Relator as he tells the story of a young man looking for a wife. This is a very funny story in that every woman the man meets turns out to be one of his father's 'outside children' (Trini for illegitimate children). In the end, it turns out the man's mother adds the ultimate punchline giving him permission to marry the woman: "Yuh daddy ain't yuh daddy but yuh daddy don't know" Not if that isn't 'Shame and scandal in the Family' then what is?  What a wonderful tribute to a classic song.

Composed by Lord melody in 1940, this calypso gives a humorous account of a man looking for a woman to marry, but who always ends up meeting one of his father's illegitimate children, until his mother solves the problem with a startling revelation. This song has been recorded and adapted by various artists, including Sacha Distel, Joe Dassin, The Surfs, and even Bob Marley & the Wailers.
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Link here  for "Dirty Jim's Documentary informationCalypso at Dirty Jim's short documentary
Featuring the last of the great calypsonians, bringing them all together to sing such classics as "Rum & Coca Cola," "Jean and Dinah," and "Shame and Scandal in the Family," to name a few, the film provides an opportunity to recapture the sound of classic calypso in all of its splendor. Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Terror, Bomber, Superior, and Relator are gathered around Syl Dopson's orchestra on the scene at Dirty Jim's Club, specially recreated for the film. Lively and touching, this musical documentary provides a sensitive and original rendering of calypso, its culture, and the legendary singers of the Dirty Jim's.

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Top: Shame and Scandal In The Family sung by Lord Relator. Bottom: Here are the songs on the "Calypso at Dirty Jim's" courtesy of Lord Superior's YouTube Page (RIP Lord Superior) Updated 11/30/2022

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