"Roll" | Devon Matthews 2012

I was listening to this song and the first name that came to mind was Machel Montano. Devon's newly released song 'Roll' has a Machel feel to it. However, we are back to the Rolling and wining theme that seems to pervade the Soca music train. I am not a 'hater' but if they can produce such good music then the lyrics could also follow suit!

The music in this song is very catchy with a distinctive Soca rhythm and strains of a Euro-Technic beat/feel to it. It starts up as a very typical Soca song with strains of Machel stinging my senses. As the song progresses, I get swept up in this Euro feel of the music.

However, as I have stated in another post,  it comes back to some woman's body and how she bounces, wines and comes back up after rolling her hips and dulling the Trini male's senses. It is a good Soca blended song that could be a hit for Devon in the European market and in some areas of the North American market. However, I don't know how this song will be received at home. Not everyone is thrilled about the 'new direction' that Soca music is taking. Some change is good... Some will accept it but the traditionalist will not. This, I must say, is not Lord Shorty's Soca Music! Yes, the music has evolved and continues to do so as the new and upcoming artistes take their shot to become the next big Soca Star.

Here is a clip from the music site ReverbNation about Devon Matthews. Link to the article. here: ReverbNation

"Devon Matthews is a charismatic singer/songwriter, radio announcer, television presenter and event host. Matthews has numerous releases and videos to his credit. Devon Matthews voice has a powerful delivery. His passionate and energetic drive for excellence makes him a cut above the rest. He is the artist who undoubtedly surprises and captivates those who listen to him on radio and watch him on television. Along with business partner Kerwin Du Bois, they both operate “HP (High Performance) Studios”. 

The song was produced by SMJ Productions & Kambon Rigault; and was written By Devon Matthews & Kambon Rigault and  mixed by 'Track7 Music'. 2012 Trinidad Soca

Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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