Rock My Soul | Superblue ft. H2O PHLO & General Grant

Hey Mr. Music man please come and rock my soul because it is Jah music... Yeah, rock my soul. If you think that Super Blue was the Soca Baptiste then one would have to say that you are so correct. Sparrow, Kitchener, Shadow and Stalin all have their special place in the musical history of Trini land but Austin Lyons aka Super Blue or Blueboy  is the only one who could really rock anyone's soul. Just listen to the musical sweetness he puts into his take on 'Rock My Soul'.

There is something so special about the beat, the rhythm is so catchy and enticing that he had everyone grooving to his music - he was the man and his music has etched his name as a legend in the art of Soca Music! He was the one who thought us about bacchanal time and how to really mash up ah fete while teasing with "Get something and wave". Yes he was the originator of waving 'yuh' rag and made it a standard of fetes and major competitive shows - the tradition continues to this day.

Then one day the music stopped. There are many stories about the demise of this great voice but his music still survives as classic stuff today. We will forever live in his music. This is not a eulogy because Super Blue's footsteps are still caressing the holy soil of Trinidad. His daughters are making a name for themselves. You know as they say, "the fruit doh fall far from the tree"!

I know that many of you out there have your special Super Blue song; and yes, there will be contention regarding which is the best Superblue song that was sung and played on the airwaves. Songs like, Hello, Soca Baptist, Ethel, Unknown Band, Music of the World, Omalay, Virginia, Nothing can keep me away from you tonight, Soca in the Shaolin Temple, Superman and Rebecca of course, Salvation, Soca in the Street and a host of songs that had us dancing and waving rags in the air. 

Indeed, we all have our favorite SuperBlue song and we can have a 'countdown' and 'Party over here' and shout 'Hooray' my song is the best! I guess everyone would be right and will justify their choice. This post was done after I heard a classic SuperBlue tract that was done with H2O Phlo and General Grant - "Rock My Soul!" I love that song. "Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham I am a Soca musican." Super Blue put a sweet twist on this spiritual and made it his own - I love it! I will be telling a lie if I said I always liked the song. It was only recently that it caught my attention and after playing it over and over again I realized that damn, I really love this song. The music is sweet, the singers are great and inside the entire package is classic Super Blue. I just love it and I am sure that you do too. However, if you don't know it (don't be ashamed to admit it) then take a listen to some classic Super Blue music. The song is posted below for your listening pleasure, enjoy! SUPERBLUE FT.H2O-PHLO & GENERAL GRANT - "Rock My Soul".

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Rock My Soul - Super Blue Feat. H2O PHLO & General Grant

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