Reach On Out For Love | Beta One feat. Machel Montano

Are you ready for Machel Montano doing something outside of Soca music? This one is not like the Pitbull collaboration that was full of power and sexy ladies in the video promotion. A dance track with World appeal is in the offering from the artiste.

The name of the son is "Reach On Out For Love"; it is a mix of pop and dance music styles with, of course, an underlying taste of infused Soca.

The song was the idea and creation of "Beta One" out of Toronto, Canada. I have decided to post two versions of the song for your listening pleasure.

The first version will run for about 3:37 minutes while the second version will entice you with a run time of about 8:49 minutes. The second version is the party crazy Club Mix. 

The following is from the producer's website and is reproduced here for promotional purposes:
Beta One, a Toronto-based remixer and producer of house, dance and pop music,  has teamed up with Trinidadian-born soca innovator and leader, Machel Montano, for the creation of "Reach On Out For Love". Beta One, a moniker for James de Pinho, has released a tech-house EP of original material, as well as many remixed from his base in Toronto over the last fifteen years. 

Beta One's vision was to create a song that was relatable from the heart, and contained a positive and encouraging message. After writing the lyrics and music, he recorded a demo production of "Reach". Beta One then began his quest for the right artist to bring the song to life and into the mainstream with a sound that would appeal to many markets, and a voice that would authentically carry its message.

Ready to move forward, Beta One contacted Machel Montano with "Reach" and immediately found a willing and able partner who was equally anxious to record the song. Machel, featured artist and fellow act with many performers, has a massive appeal and popularity in the Soca world. Having recorded 35 albums of his own, Machel welcomed the opportunity to break into new music territory. 

Machel is constantly working toward his goal of successfully ushering soca into the realm of mainstream music. It is his dream to see Soca being enjoyed in the international market. Moreover, due to soca's crossover appeal, Machel states, "We want to use our experience to take soca international," he says, "I have been pushing the envelope, trying to revolutionize soca, trying to improve its quality. It is very difficult to bring this music to the mainstream and at the same time stay grounded at home but we have created a sound that we believe is palatable to all markets and can play on the radio in rotation with other popular songs. That is a dream I have always had and something I look forward to achieving."

Production Notes:
Song Title: Reach On Out For Love
Performed by: Beta One Ft. Machel Montano
Vocals: Machel Montano
Produced by: Beta One

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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