Pull Up | Mr. Renzo featuring Ravi B

It can be described as a Chutney Soca with Latin influences 'kinda ting' but one thing is certain, and that is, the music created is uniquely Trinidadian!

As a matter of fact, when one listens to "Pull Up", as sung by Venezuelan born (nutured in Arouca, Trinidad) Laurenzo Gonzales (Mr. Renzo) and Chutney Soca star Ravi Bissambhar (Ravi B) the vibe of the music is signature Trinidad and Tobago!

This 'unique' sound makes one wonder about the future of both Chutney and Soca music. Well one thing is certain, this means more variety and sweet music from Trinidad and Tobago. Regardless of the style we know you will like this one. 

In an interview with the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper, Mr. Renzo said that the lyrics to the song were done in one night at the studio. He said that there was "no story really" when asked about the song just "a guy dancing with a pretty girl at a party". I can relate because in this era of 'wine on meh' it appears that all Soca relates to wining on somebody. If Mr. Renzo and Ravi B simply want to tell the story of a guy dancing with a pretty woman then I can go for that. 

There are many collaborations enticing music lovers to 'get that chune it real wicked' but the chutney mixes don't seem to get the airplay that collaborating Soca artists will get. It may me that the music is still evolving and will soon break out in a big way... we will have to wait and see. 

Recently, I featured a really sweet remix of Terre Yaad/Hold You Down that featured Melobugz and Zan and it did not have the impact I expected... the music is wicked and you should take a listen. Link to the Post Here: Melobugz and Zan. This song by Mr. Renzo and Ravi B may realize the same faith but it shows that the music is growing and people are listening and wanting to be a part of this new revolution in music.

Soca music, for Carnival 2012 looks like a "Riddim Festival" and I don't see why the Chutney blends won't find its place in the carnival, as Calypsonian Crazy would say, "in time to come". Until that time take a listen to this Chutney Latin Collaboration and let us know what you think about it...

Production Notes:
Song Title: Pull Up
Written by: Mr. Renzo & Ravi B
Performed by: Mr. Renzo ft. Ravi B
Produced and Composed by: Victorious
Mixed and Mastered by: Side 1 Studios

♫Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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