"Jiggle It" | Inches (2k12 Illusion Remix) + Shurwayne

This post gives you three for one. I have posted three versions of this song that was originally done in 2010 but remixed for Carnival 2012. The artiste's name is Leroy Sobers who goes by the name of "Inches". The original song is last of the three versions embedded to this post.

The first listing of the song is a remix done by Illusion out of Trinidad. The song was produced by Michael "B-Roca" Holder out of BIM (Barbados for those who don't know) and was part of the 2010 Waves Riddim out of Bajan Country. 

Listing number two of the three versions presented is a bonus. Shurwayne Winchester is featured singing alongside Inches for this one. All three versions sound good and in my opinion the original version stands out and no one will be able to sayk, "hey dis is old, it was done in 2010" - it still sounds good, in my humble opinion. “I couldn’t believe that it was Shurwayne.” That was the surprise statement uttered by Inches when he told the story about linking up with Trinidadian Shurwayne Winchester who requested doing something with the song - the Jiggle remix featuring Shurwayne was done in BIM.

So as we like to say, now is the time to jiggle it and wiggle it and do whatever you want with this track. The music is contagious and you will find yourself moving to the groove. I like it... This one is a scorcher!

Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

This is the version featuring Shurwayne Winchester

This is the original release from 2010


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dancerboy said…
I like the original version.