The Creative Process | Machel Montano and Destra Garcia

How do they do it? Song after song, hit after hit, year after year these artistes produce music that keeps Trinidad and Tobago on top of the Caribbean music scene. If you doubt it then look around the Caribbean region, look to the Canadian and US Labor Day celebrations and, oh yes, look to the Crop Over festival in BIM and you will see the name Machel Montano... Machel and HD are the headliners of Soca music today!

Then when you feel like 'Wukking Up' we feature Miss Sexy, Lady Destra Garcia. We take these artistes for granted and keep looking for hit after hit after hit. So how do they do it? Well in the following video that was featured by Carnival TV both Destra and Machel give us some insight regarding their creative process. Listen as they explain how they do it, and what makes the music and lyrics work to make a hit song.

One may ask what makes a good song? In the case of Machel, he said that he about creating a good album not just a good song. So is it a good winning song, a jump and wave song that could capture the 'Road March Title', sound social commentary or as Machel says something for nation building, a wake up call with rhythm for Jouvert morning, or simply something new something groundbreaking? Well in Machel's World his music his songs should capture all of the above and then some from Kernel Roberts and the HD crew.

In Destra's case she starts with the melody then work on the lyrics to accompany the music. Her creative process is the World she lives in... She absorbs her surroundings and produces energy filled music. Pressure and Energy is the feel of a Destra production. Let's listen to the artistes tell us how they do it compliments


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DJ Bravo said…
I love Destra; her music is amazing. She is right about women not being taken as seriously as men. I wish her all the best and I am a DJ so I play her music a lot. Machel has been singing since he was a child; he is the best of the best; a true Soca Icon. I want to thank both artiste for their contribution to Trinidad and our culture.