Celebrate Life | Kevon Carter featuring Shal Marshall

This is a Groovy one from Kevon Carter and features the voice of Shal Marshall. These two guys know how to celebrate life in song -Sweet, smooth and sexy indeed. The production was done by Fryktion and GBM Studios.

This song will creep up on you and will be one that you will play over and over again. The more you listen to it the more you will find something to like about it. The track was mixed and mastered by GBM productions.

Indeed this is wining season but this time we will celebrate life in 'ah different style'. This is not a case of waving yuh rag and getting on ruff and rowdy. This is groovy music that will allow you to gentlly wiggle and wine in slow motion. It is sweet and sexy and you will smile and wine in style. This is just the start of the Groovy side of Soca for 2012 and it is one that will set the standard for this music category.

Kevon Carter was born and nutured in sweet TnT. He is a singer and song writer and a class musician. Kevon now resides in NYC where he performs in the club scene. His Trini roots has led him to the source and that has brought us to this collaboration with Shal.

I have featured Shal Marshall's music on this blog previously along with Supa Jigga. Shal is now spreading his wings and has really hit the sweet spot with this one

I really like this song and you will also; It would be interesting to see how well this one does in the International market because it does have that appeal to it. Let's see if the local radio stations in TnT will jump on this one. Don't let this track get by you, tell your friends about it - it is a wicked one!

♫ Please press the play button to listen (small triangle below).
Celebrate Life - Kevon Carter featuring Shal Marshall

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