"Cat 1st, Dog 2nd" | Edwin Ayoung aka Crazy

We all know that dogs chase cats with very few exceptions - we all know that, but just like global warming has changed the climate and so to has man changed the dog and cat story. Many women call men 'dogs'; well if you did not know that then where have you been living? 

OK, so since women already call men dogs and we know that men are in love with the proverbial pussy (as in cat) then isn't it fitting that "Cat First"' as sung by Crazy, should use double entendre to convey the true meaning to the dog, man and cat story? Now don't tell me that you are still wondering what Crazy's story is all about. Do I need to spell it out? Come on, use your vivid imagination... Yes exactly!

I am so pleased that you understand the double entendre slant to this thought provoking topic and, as a result, I will let someone who can put the lyrics to the test to say it all in song.  Today, we feature another new release from Edwin Ayoung better known as "Crazy". This song is not just about the 'meow' of the cat but in true double entendre calypso format, he deals with man's love for pussy (as in cat?) - Well maybe!
So the question is really this: Which one is truly man's best friend? Is it the dog, cat or the proverbial pussy cat?
I am absolutely certain that you know the truth. Don't you just love how well these Calypsonians unravel the truth and, in song, can make you smile, dance and in the end know the truth! Enjoy the song... It is ah 'wicked one'.

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).


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Anonymous said…
LOL...chune boi! - Hy2011