'Bacchanalist" | Kerwin Du Bois

My head is spinning with all these new releases. This is my fourth post today (all new music); we present Kerwin Dubois with some really sweet vibes (he is not sleeping on the job at all). This one is on the 'Antilles Riddim' and is called "Bacchanalist". 

For first time visitors to the blog I will provide some information about the word Bacchanal and how it is used in Trinidad and Tobago. It depends on the situation and as such, 'Bacchanal' can be interpreted in many ways. It could mean a 'large noisy happening', 'scandal', a big party or even be associated with a confusing state. For most Trinidadians bacchanal is associated with some troublesome situation. In the case of this song or for any type of music or party situation (fete), bacchanal is associated with 'a reveler' and simply means 'having a really good time' while drinking and celebrating with friends. 

Kerwin Dubois has done a really good job once again. This upcoming Carnival celebration already has my head spinning with all the new music releases so early in the season (this is October 2k11 for heavens sake). This can only mean that we will have a long list of songs to choose from for 2K12 - don't you just love it?

Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).
Bacchanalist by Kerwin Du Bois 2012

Addendum: 12/16/2011

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