Yuh Know What Is Ah Bull Pistle | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #101 |"Yuh know what is ah Bull-Pistle" | Yuh is ah Trini 

Watap... Huh! Watap... Oh Gawd! This is a serious situation and one that any Trinidadian from back in the day could relate to with a smile.

The smile is not because one has experienced the essence of the bull-pistle but because most Trinis look at the Bull-Pistle as the "equalizer". Many stories are told about the 'Bull-Pistle" or "Bull-Buoy'; some are serious but the majority are told as a joke.

If you ask anyone who knows about the "bull-pistle", who has seen someone receive a bull-pistle stroke or even experienced it will tell you that the first blow always freezes the person into a state of stupor - the senses are dulled and the person remains in a trance like state with only his muscles reacting to the blow. The reaction is immediate with the muscular system making a seated man stand erect. That is the state of the first "Watap".

The second stroke comes with more intensity and rage because the first apparently did not translate into the desired effect. The intensity of the blow is so strong that the person's nervous system alerts the individual to the danger at hand. He notices everyone around him scampering to safety than the burn and sting of the second 'wrap-around of the bull-pistle singe his skin with a burning and irrational groan forced through his vocal cords. Immediately it is the flight of fright and he becomes the latest edition of Usain Bolt. No one ever knew that he could run that fast after a late start. That is the magic and the lesson of the bull-pistle...Never stay around to receive the second blow!

Now for the novice or the person who does not know about the bull-pistle here is the deal. It is like a piece of leather that is worth its weight in gold. The penis of the bull is removed and stretched and cured making it very elastic and surprisingly strong. The person wielding the bull-pistle can cut through clothing if he knows to wield the penis the way the jab-jab mas men used to do. It will sting, it will cut through skin and it will leave a lasting memory in the mind and flesh of the person receiving the bull-pistle stroke.

Receiving a stroke from a 'bull-boy' can never be seen or mentioned as a stroke of luck for the recipient but results in a good laugh for the person who, while liming with the 'boys', told the story of the day the bull-pistle reigned blows on Scottie's broad shoulders...Who is Scottie? Ah-ha... Another day, another time, another tale!

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ladybug3110 said…
WOW! This is what we (americans), need instead of "guns", bullpistles. "SERIOUSLY Mrs./Ms. CONGRESSMEN"
Unknown said…
Watap! Like a man get a bull pistle.. Watap! Like is me!

Ah man get a pistle in south and run to POS hospital. They pronounce him did since Chaguanas