Trini Love | Richarde' and Skeeto

Here is  a Trini cover of  "Lost Without You", a song done with so much love and feeling by Robin Thicke but now done by our fantastic Trinidadian duo musician/singer Richarde' and Skeeto. Yes, it appears that Richarde' is making love to the pan (yes I do mean steelpan) moreso that to his lady as lyrically stated by 'pardna' in music, the voice - 'Skeeto'. 

Please support these guys, they are fantastic! I just love it when we get it right and these guys always seem to hit the sweet spot. Great work, a fantastic pannist in Richarde' Bereaux and Kyle 'Skeeto' Amos, the lyrical charmer. Trinizagada (the blog) celebrates our sons of the soil and warriors of our pan and free-style musical art-forms... Nothing short of  'Wonder-Mazement" - B.E.X Audio has done it again!

Production Notes (Taken from YouTube video page):
Trini Love is taken off the mixtape concept 'Status Change' We OWN NO RIGHTS TO THE INSTRUMENTAL USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS SONG!!
Song Title- Trini Love
Artist- Richarde'& Skeeto
Production - B.E.X. Audio
Video Director - Denith McNicolls
Dancers - Leon Brewster and Aliyah Alexander

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