“A Tribute to Sparrow — Boogsie on the PHI!

New music from Len "Boogsie" Sharpe: “A Tribute to Sparrow — Boogsie on the PHI!

"Boogsie", as he is fondly known was interviewed by the  Trinidad Express  Newspaper and was quoted as saying the following when asked about using the PHI pan and the music of the Mighty Sparrow:
"Working with the PHI is easy; it allows you to create your own recording and I did it in the comfort of my own home."
Commenting on his reason for choosing Sparrow, Boogsie said, "Because he has so much sweet music and it is my intention to bring back pan music in the party. I have done the songs in different moods and it is just music to dance. It was not easy choosing the songs; this man has so many good songs."

You can read the entire article from the Trinidad Express at this link: Boogsie pays Tribute to Sparrow.

Here is a listing of the tracks on the Compact Disc!
  1.  Congo man
  2.  Dan is de man in the van
  3.  Drunk and disorderly
  4.  Education
  5.  Jane
  6.  Memories
  7.  Panman
  8.  Rose
  9.  Royal jail
  10.  Sa Sa Yea
  11.  Saltfish
Listen to a sample track from the forthcoming release... If you are a lover of pan music, traditional or electronic then this is one to get - "Come on, "Boogsie" is making the pan sing for yuh!"

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