Kes The Band on Fox 5 "Good Day New York'

Today the shout boxes, Island mix chat, facebook and just about every West Indian blog were announcing that Kes The Band would appear on Fox 5 NY Television. The fact that my cell phone was ringing and even my email had news about the appearance was something to take notice of/a news worthy event. A news worthy event because this weekend is the West Indian Carnival Extravaganza in Brooklyn, New York. It appeared, to me, that the people calling to let me know about the broadcast sounded like kids in a candy store...  "Turn on Fox 5 now, Kes is coming on soon!" The excitement on the other end of the phone was quite noticeable!

I was interested in a comment made by Kes. He made mention of a 'new music genre that he called Island Pop' that had me wondering. I was pleased that the new music was not added to the list of music that is labeled 'Soca'. That is very annoying as far as I am concerned. Almost all new 'fast paced music' coming out of the Caribbean is labeled Soca. So now we have "Island Pop". We will learn more of this genre soon. Kes chatted eloquently with the hosts of the show and performed as only Kes can... however, it was a reserved performance. 

Kes spoke briefly about the band and the music they play... Here is a quote from the interview with reference to 'Island Pop music genre' highlighted. 

“We started when we were really young. Me and my brothers are actually in the band. We dabbled in Pop, Rock and Soca, Reggae and Calypso and we just kinda put everything together. So right now we’re a Caribbean music band. We do Calypso, Soca and a new genre of music called island pop...  Which is like pop inspired melodies but distinctly island, distinctly Trinidad.”

Here is the Fox 5 video of Kes The Band is seen performing the songs 'Where yuh From' & 'Wotless' on Fox 5 show, 'Good Day New York Live'. The songs are from their latest album release entitled "Stereotype".

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