Food for Thought | What She Give Meh To Rub Ah Eat!

"No, not me; it is he! Did I eat what she gave me to rub? Oh, hell no, not me! This is not about what I did, but more about what could happen to you! Well, you see, what she gave him to rub, he ate it all and damn well loved it!"! 

Let's take a listen to Lord Blakie and "ah, real back in the day classic"—Maria! ! Oh, and by the way, the singers backing up Blakie in this song are Calypsonians Gypsy, Prowler, and David Rudder. Don't get too carried away with the song; continue reading the story. 

See the YouTube music player below to listen to Maria by Blakie; this is a very appropriate song that helps tell this story. 

The things that a man will do for love are indeed many splendid things. I am sure you have heard someone say, "What she gave him to rub, he ate!" Regardless of how you choose to spin it, the man ultimately becomes "toutoulbay" and an ideal candidate for a Tabanka spanking brand!

Who is your friend? A person who falls deeply in love will remain your friend until he transforms into a genuine friendship with the love of his life. The days of your friend 'hailing you out' to come and lime will slowly diminish to the point where you will wonder if he left the country. The woman becomes everything to him. When you realize that the man did the lady a favor by saying, "Hold de pussycat; the one that got away," you must conclude that, in your friend's case, he discovered that the woman's hand is exceptionally skilled, and her saltfish and dumplings are exceptionally sweet. Finally, you keep calling, and all you get is the answering service; at this point, you can conclude that what she gave him to rub with the man ate and that she now has her man (your friend) just where she wants him—right up under her feet! 

Yes, it is like they bury the boi nable (navel) string in the woman's back yard next to the silk cotton tree. He really did not notice when he went to 'take ah leak' late one night. I have a Haitian friend who once told me that, as a child, his father planted a banana tree for him in the backyard. As the tree grew, so did his manhood. Well, as he leaked on the silk cotton tree, so did his stay at the woman's house. The more he 'watered the tree' the more he wanted to stay. He might say to you that "she garden want water" (not me, eh, it is Shadow who said that) and that he was the fireman!

The aforementioned statements may all be true or mere speculation, as we would say in sweet TnT, but the fact remains that the boi consumed "lef' han dumplings"! Hold on now; don't laugh or choops... Lef' han' dumplings are a reality. Just ask any Tobagonian! (I am absolutely astounded that you are unaware of "Lef' Han' Dumplings: Click Here to Learn!") The art of the "Lef' Han' dumpling" is true science that goes beyond the traditional 'Sweat Rice' cook-up. Have you ever seen those pot hounds (stray dogs) in Trinidad in heat (sexually aroused)? Some of the male dogs, after jumping the female, keep humping and walking—a funny sight indeed. Well, that is the case after a meal of "Lef' han' dumplings... All the man wants to do is "water she garden"—that is the goal of the meal, and more importantly, to make the man a real chupidee. Love could make ah fool of real sensible men... "Well, it could very well be for the love of the salt fish!"!

What she gave the man to rub with—he ate it all! Some people are really funny, indeed. I mentioned this phrase to a friend, and all he could say was the following: "What she gave me to rub, I ate it, and I liked it! In summary, I trust that my ramblings this evening were to your satisfaction. To conclude, please enjoy the rendition of "Feel to Whine," also known as "Up Under Meh," performed by Destra and Supa Jigga.

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Feel To Whine by Destra & Super Jigga TC (Jaiga)

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