Caribbean Festival Weekend | Atlantic City Carnival

Another Carnival but this time another try for the State of New Jersey. New Jersey has promoted the Jersey City and East Orange Carnival celebrations but they have not had much success with these events. However, this new idea should raise some eyebrows... Carnival on the 'Boardwalk' of Atlantic City!

The Caribbean Arts Foundation together with the Mayor of Atlantic City New Jersey presents Caribbean Festival by the Sea. The event, first for Atlantic City, is a sponsored by Showboat, Bally's, Harrah's Casinos and the Atlantic City Governing authority. That means that right after Labor Day Carnival you can now prepare for more of the same but this time in Atlantic City. This is the first year that Atlantic City will host this event. If all goes well this could be the next big Carnival weekend in the United States following Toronto, London and New York and act as a primer to the Miami Carnival events!  Now even though this event is billed as a 'Caribbean Festival' it is really based on Trinidad Carnival with Trinidad Carnival bands and artists participating in this weekend's activities. The costumes are from Trinidad and the recent Brooklyn Carnival Parade. The event is patterned after the Trinidad Carnival modes as are all the major 'West Indian Carnival Festivals in North America and England.

Just think about it for a moment...The Casinos, boardwalk and hotel rooms at reduced rates to encourage those who celebrated Labor day Carnival in Brooklyn. The idea is to encourage these Carnival lovers to come to the boardwalk take in the last of the Summer sunshine and Ocean breezes while enjoying the glamour of the Casino night life. It is the City that never sleeps and the idea of Soca and Calypso, and wining taking place in this glitzy environment could lead many to bypass some of the other carnival events and simply head to Atlantic City for the weekend. 

To take a line from Calypsonian Crazy, "In time to come" this could be a major Carnival destination in the US. This weekend starts off at Harrards Hotel Grand Ballroom with an "All White Attire Ball" that is billed as a Fundraiser Dance event with a fee of $20.00 to get in.

The next day, Saturday starting at noon will be the traditional Costume Parade that will take place from Showboat Casino to the Hilton parading along the boardwalk to Bayer Field Stadium Area. At the Stadium the organizers have arranged a free live concert inclusive of vendors with a variety of foods and drinks. Calypso Rose is scheduled to perform at the event. You will have enough time to parade then return to the hotel and prepare for a Masquerade Ball at Harrards Grand Ballroom. The start time for this event will be 10:00 pm and will also cost $20.00 to get in.

Well if you are a lover of Carnival and like going to Atlantic City to relax then this is the Weekend to do it. West Indians living in the Tri-State area will take advantage of the close proximity of Atlantic City and attend the event. It is also a good opportunity and a damn good excuse to take your visiting family from the Islands to the boardwalk if just for one weekend. Visit the Facebook Promotion Page for more information.

The promotion is simply this: 
"This is Mas, we bringing it to Atlantic City - Come join Us!"

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