Boogsie, Earl Brooks Jr. and Machel | Royalty at NALIS Book Launch

The stars aligned for the kids at Nalis for the launch of Machel Montano's "Boy Boy" Book launch. Len Boogsie Sharpe, and Earl Brooks Jr. Play the old and new versions of the national instrument as Machel sings about this 'Magic Drum' - What a wonderful moment and one that the children should remember for a long time.

This is a very moving and wonderful moment not just because it was the launch of Machel's "Boy Boy and the Magic Drum" book launch but because it was all about passing on something to the next generation.

Boogsie, Earl Brooks Jr. with special guest Earl Brooks Snr. play and sing to the children while telling the children about the P.H.I (Percussive Harmonic Instrument). This is another side of Machel that we need to know and see more of on a more regular basis. The singer extraordinaire did a wonderful job relating the story of what the instruments can do while encouraging them to participate in the event.

I recently saw much hate heaped against this artist at the recent Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival performance. After watching this video I realized that those who think that Machel deserves the scorn of the public are so wrong. Yes some artists become spoilt from all the fame and success but just look at Machel interact with the children... I can't hate the man and his music is just sensational.

I applaud Machel and even though I am late with the Boy Boy presentation all I can say is better late than never... Trini 2D Bone!

Machel Montano Dip Publishing and Nigel R Khan Booksellers

Dip Publishing's own Machel Montano at the re-launch of his book Boy Boy and the Magic Drum at Nigel R Khan Booksellers location at Trincity Mall. Nigel R Khan, the exclusive distributors of this book in Trinidad and Tobago and everything that's Dip!

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