Anytime is Trinidad Time | Yuh is ah Trini

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Yuh is ah Trini | "Anytime is Trinidad Time"

"Anytime is Trinidad Time"... How many times have you heard this saying? Sometimes it feels like it was a line that was removed from the National Anthem. People say it without thinking about the implications. It is as if it is part of the National psyche! This phrase was, in fact, coined by the late and still great Lord Kitchener from his album entitled Curfew Time on May 20, 1971 (Bonus Track at the end of the post).

So what do you think about that statement... Is it really true? Well one of the first explanation that you will hear about it has to do with the tardiness of the people. It has been said that Trinis will arrive late for anything - a party, wedding or even a funeral and won't care. Well, by now you should know that anytime is Trinidad time!

Today I went to the hospital to visit my daughter and  on my way home I had to take the bus first then the train. While on the bus I was thinking about articles to write about and this one came to mind. However, there wasn't much to say about it. I mean most of the time Trinis are late and we all know this as a fact of Trini life. So what then could I add that would make this post different? Ah ha... the State of Emergency!

Yes, the State of Emergency has caused a change in attitude and just like that people are hustling to ensure that they get home on time; or get to a destination that would ensure that they don't get caught outside of the stipulated curfew hours. This changes things for a while and in this case Trinis are ensuring that they are on time. This time is not 'anytime' because army boots are on the street and they are serious like ah heartbeat.

Anytime is Trini time attitude during this period of uncertainty in Trinidad and Tobago could leave you with enough time to think things through while in detention without bail too. So in the traditional sense we can say that anytime is Trini time and mean that we will be late 'for spite' or simply because we can't help ourselves. Then again, "anytime is Trini Time could mean we will take any opportunity to party and have a good time.

Anytime is Trini Time is so easy to say and most of the time we say it without giving it a thought. I simply rolls off our tongues and bring a smile to our faces. We are TrinBagonians who understand how the term is uses without hurting a cell in our brains. For the person on the outside looking in just know that Trinidadians have a habit of using the same phrase in many different situations with differing meanings. So be careful not to assume that this phrase always means that "Trinis are irresponsible", tardy, like to party too much or is used as an excuse for lateness. 

Indeed, using the phrase, "anytime is Trinidad time" sounds good but at the same time it really is not a good example to follow. Who would want their child to adopt such an attitude - A Trini, maybe?  Well according to the Lord Kitchener we have "no regard for time and when they tell you ten... they coming, but when!"

Now is the time to let the bard ramajay and tell you what we (Trinis) mean by "Anytime is Trinidad Time". Please note that the meaning of the phrase has evolved over time; however, the essence of the great one still has sound meaning in today's society. I purchased this track on; the entire album is available for purchase on the site. Enjoy this classic calypso.

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