Mango Tree by Ziggy Rankin: Yuh is ah Trini

Part of the Yuh Is Ah Trini Series: Trini-Glish/Trini-Idioms Spoken and Explained. #92
"Yeah, ahh, ohhhh, oh lard", omg, 'fuss' I loved mango season in Trinidad! Mango Vert (long mango), Splash, Calabash, Rose for Chow, and, of course, Julie and Starch mango. One must ponder Ziggy's intentions when he composed "Mango Tree," despite the fact that I personally enjoy sucking on ripe mangoes. Was it literally about ripe mangoes or just double-entendre for something 'Vicey'?

No pressure here, but if the preacher doesn't pick it, I will, and it doesn't matter if it's green, "pamer," ripe as nature intended, or just "force ripe." Wink, wink! "She doesn't care; she wants everything. Suck the mango dong to d'bone!" Ziggy has the 'gyul' climbing up the mango tree in Mount Everest fashion too. Now trust me, with all that climbing, the result has to be starchy, as in starch mango (what do you think the starch is related to?).

Well, I know that there is a mango season, but this season Ziggy is singing about definitely does not have a season. In this case, it should fall in line with 'anytime in Trini time'. So if this lady in the song loves mango so much that she is willing to climb regardless of what she is wearing, or if it is just the first crop on the tree, she just doesn't care because of the heat of the tropical sun and the mango looking nice—it is time to pick and eat. I forgot to mention Mango Graham', now that is a guaranteed belly full. Isn't that what she was looking for 'when she decided to climb the 'proverbial' mango tree?

Hold on now, is this the story of... Adam and Eve spin the forbidden fruit, but in this case, I am not sure if it is the mango or the proverbial fruit of the loins we are talking about in this song. What do you think? ' No fussing here, but ah, I love meh mango and that ting too' but the song is 'crazy good' just as sweet as a ripe Julie mango! Play the tune that is sweet mango music; enjoy the vibes. Trini is on the move!

The above posting was done as a part of the 'Yuh is ah Trini series'. However, after revisiting the post, I decided to adjust the post and also make it a part of the music series. The attached song is now being streamed from my open drive listing instead of the YouTube link that was part of the original post.

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