Cursed Copper Coins | Yuh is ah Trini

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Yuh is ah Trini | "Cursed Copper Coins" 

"Do not pick up money you find in the road; it could have evil spirits or worries on it." - Trini Folklore!

A penny saved is a penny earned, or is it really worth it? Well it all depends on the culture you are exposed to on a daily basis. The best case scenario is that every penny saved/found is income 'earned'. This is the case in North America. A person of Jewish ancestry will never pass up the opportunity to pick up a penny on the sidewalk. Some people will pick up the coin if it is heads up but refrain from so doing if the coin is tails up. This is not done as an income earner but as a sign of good luck (heads up) or bad luck (If tails up). However, on the island of Trinidad things work differently...

Superstitious beliefs abound in the Caribbean region and Trinidad is no different. Money on the street is a fortune gained for children on the way to school. However, most parents would warn their children to stay clear of monies on the street, especially copper coins.

Here is a classic tale that was part of my childhood experiences growing up in Trinidad. I remember limining with some friends at our usual hangout on the sidewalk curb. My friend Choffy aske me if I remembered a girl names Veronica who attended High school with me. Obviously I was alarmed when he told me that she died. However, it was the circumstance of her death that was so disturbing. I was told that she got 'Copper Pox' and that her skin erupted in blisters all over her body. She experienced so much pain and suffering before she died. No one was able to help her and the doctors were baffled. My friend then explained how she got the copper pox - she picked up hexed coins found on the roadway! One must never pick up money that you find in the road especially copper coins. I was so sad at the time and shivered to think that I could have suffered the same faith. Well today I think differently but I still have doubts and will not pick up copper coins on the street. Drop me a gold coin and the result will surely be different.

How is it that someone can leave their worries in coins is still a mystery for me. I guess they need to be lighting their candles and leaving the hex on the money while on a bridge over troubled waters. I don't know but we know for sure that in every community there is a story about some unexplained happening that is still a mystery to this day. What is your story?

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