Brother Valentino | Where Kaiso Went

"Kaiso Kaiso!" That is the chant calling for an encore for a song/performance that was well executed. That chant is now a haunting whisper of a time that once was but is now seen and experienced ocassionally. Calypso music once ruled North America, and of course the Caribbean region, but today one cannot find a category of music named calypso in the music catalogs. It is not part of any International Music award show but if you check out the music category labeled 'World Music' you you will find the names of some of the very best Calypsonians - Mighty Sparrow and Lord Kitchener for sure! You are not the only one to ask this very pertinent question: What happened to calypso music... "Where Kaiso Went?"

Take a listen to the historical document in music as penned and sung by a master calypso singer and composer, the very unique veteran of the artform "Brother Valentino". Listen and learn and take note that this is not just sweet calypso music but  it is also documented history that Brother Valentino brings to you with this song.

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