Lahay | Yuh is ah Trini!

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #87
Yuh is ah Trini | "Lahay"

When it is time to Lahay I head directly to the WACK Radio shout-box ( The first person who I can recall using the word Lahay in the shoutbox is Paramin Gail aka Gailos. Now to tell you the truth the shout-box is the ideal place to lahay and boi we do it in (and with) style!

According to the website the word 'lahay' could mean one of the following: To idle; To take one's sweet time to do something; To goof off; worthless (wotlis) or lazy. 

Well most of the time the conversations in the box fall under the 'goof off' label but the conversations can be quite stimulating at times especially when the salt of the earth, Gumbo Lai Lai, enters the conversation regarding the rebuilding of the nation. However, sometimes the conversations are simply 'idle talk' and to tell you the truth it is idling in true Trini style. What do I mean? Well most of the people using the shout box during the day are at work and use that time to come into the box and 'lahay'. Talk about being productive on the job!

Toby on the other hand likes to goof off and I certainly enjoy joining in when he is at his best selling his patented 'donkey milk brew'. I would advise the ladies to partake. The men should run from Toby if he ever offers donkey milk for sampling!

Now the word 'wotlis' is an interesting one when used by Trinis. To say something or someone is worthless (wotlis) means that there is no value attached to the thing or person.  However, when a Trin uses the term 'wotlis' they could mean a person who is a 'no good' or good for nothing or a person who is up to mischievous deeds.

Are you a Trini or do you have Trini friends? Do you think that Trinis are lazy? Nah... To say that Trinis are lazy is just not right! The truth is, we are simply too laid back for you to understand! Yes, we created the Caribbean 'Lime'. 

So if you like to "lahay" then come and join us in the Wack shout-box ( and check the menu bar for the shout-box. Oh and yes we interact with the DJ's while we take our sweet time doing our jobs. Things constantly change and in recent times the word 'Wotlis' has taken on special meaning in song just like the word Ramajay. Musically one can also get an understanding of the word 'wotlis' (WOTLESS) by listening to Kes in the music video below. As a Trini would say 'jump high or jump low' lahay is lahay! The music and lyrics tell another story!

Press the Play button below to listen to Kes The Band sing their Groovy Soca hit "Wotless".

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