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Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #84 "Haul Yuh Mudda Ass!" - Yuh is ah Trini

Look nah, get away from me! In other words and not so kindly said, "Haul yuh mudda ass"! That is a typical Trini saying and one that has been used since my childhood, nothing has changed to date. 

This is a case of pure anger and frustration coming from a very annoyed person who just cannot tolerate the behavior of another person. Plain and simply put if you don't get away from me, if you don't stop harassing me or if you don't adjust your idiotic behavior I will hurt you. So to avoid all of the above just 'haul yuh mudda ass' - get away from me! Then again, one can go to the extreme with not so nice language that can be used with a little adjustment to the phrase... "Haul Yuh Mudda Cunt". Since this is a blog and we are digging deep, I felt that I could use that expletive without causing anguish to someone perusing this site. So forgive me but that is what can be said with a little adjustment to the wording. 

There is one thing to keep in mind regarding the Trini-idiom above. The use of the word "mother" is very significant. "Say what yuh want about me but meh muddah... Now yuh looking for trouble." Indeed there were many brawls that took place back in the day because of insults hurled that included the word 'mother'. Insulting a person's mother is the ultimate insult and one that could cause friends to become instant enemies. 

Indeed the use of the word 'Mudda' (mother) not only shows that one person has total disrespect for the other but in this case, they are so upset that they use a broad brush to paint their anger for the other person. By using the mother theme to tell someone "to hell with you" puts the anger and resentment in another category (a higher degree of annoyance).

However, one must take into consideration the time and place and the environment that one uses this Trini-idiom. Society today is not as tolerant as we used to be. 'Back in the day' one may have been able to get away with a fistfight but today too many youths are in possession of guns - so be aware. 

Just in case you don't like this post then... "Haul yuh mudda ass" from here... Just kidding!

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