Corbeau doh eat sponge cake | Yuh is ah Trini

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Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #85. 
Yuh is ah Trini | Corbeau doh eat sponge cake!

In Trinidad that black vulture circling in the sky is known as a Corbeau. The word Corbeau is French and must have been part French creole language known as Patois that is still spoken on the coastal areas of the main island. Well, if you have lived in Trinidad then you will know that Corbeaus' swoop down on any dead carcass and feast on it. Now to say that 'Corbeau doh eat sponge cake' should have you scratching your head and wondering, what de hell do they mean? On one hand, we have rotting carcasses while on the other hand we have a delicious cake and just about everyone loves to eat cake. So why not the Corbeau?

Looks like a metaphor in the loop here. The nouns are Corbeau and cake and Trini and only Trini could put a vulture, a carcass, and confectionery to tell the public that "people with no class cannot appreciate the finer things in life". In other words yuh eh have no class... Oh gosh man yuh doh know that they are saying that you have no broughtupsy (no manners)... Gosh, your place in society, class structure, and basic education is needed to make you a more understanding person and surely help you to accept the finer things in life. 

Class is class and sometimes we say some people are low class or have no class at all. The use of the word class also pertains to 'belonging to no particular social class. However, when a Trinbagonian tells you that 'Corbeau doh eat sponge cake' they are really telling you that it does not matter how well-intentioned the act is you as an individual cannot appreciate it for that which it is. This could be a kind gesture or gift given with good intentions but spurned by the receiver because they were not taught civility as a child. As a matter of fact, it seems that civics, on the whole, has been left on the side of the road waiting for that circling Corbeau to swoop down and clean up what is left of our decadent society. 

So pay attention and learn to appreciate a kind gesture or gift for that which it is... Learn to be appreciative and return kindness with more of the same. Class is class but if you don't take note you will be one carrying the banner of 'Corbeau doh eat sponge cake'!

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