Calling Meh (I love steelpan) | Destra

"Sung by Destra Garcia - composed by Mark Loquan, Ken “Professor” Philmore  and  Destra Garcia"
This chune is wicked! I just don't understand how this one 'passed over meh head'. Now don't get me wrong, I am sure I heard this on pan but I never paid attention to the lyrics and the musical sweetness that bewilders my senses with pure musical madness.

Sensational Destra (I am not talking about her outfits eh) is seriously mashing up the the lyrics with a sweetness that is just calling meh to another festival of 'pantastic' celebration. Now, as you can surmise, this is all in my head because (at this time) I have on my headphones blasting the vibrations! So let's go and play the music... Trust me with this one. Just jam the track and play it again and again and again. I guarantee you that you, or someone who knows better, will enjoy playing this track over and over again!

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