Ah Tellin' Yuh | Yuh is ah Trini!

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #90
Yuh is ah Trini | "Ah Telling Yuh"

This is a classic Triniday conversation piece. In this scenario two persons would be talking about something that happened. The person telling the story about and event would get in return from the person listening... "Ah Telling Yuh!" I know what you're thinking and yes that is exactly what I am saying: you will respond with "ah telling yuh...even if someone else is the one who's telling you what happened!"

This discussion could go several ways with responses such as, 'fuh truth!?, 'yuh don't say', 'well boi', 'mama', 'yuh don't say!',  'mama yo', 'papa yo', 'buh a a" and the classic "Ah Telling Yuh". Of course the choice would be determined by the time and place and relationship of the persons having the conversation. Then again you may recall other terms used and those will be welcomed here. Please leave a comment!

Yes, I know this is laughable but it is done so innocently that it is an accepted practice and one that does not beg for the response, "I am the one doing the telling, what de hell yuh telling meh?" Some of you reading this may say, "oh gosh I can remember saying dat or simply smile after reading it. However, there may be others who would simply steups and say not me I never did that - I say that you are a bold faced liar. Look I just got a sample post here - "Bol' face".

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