Facebook|Pain in meh Pwefen!

Do you have a Facebook account? Well if you are an internet socialite or just someone who likes to know what others are up to then yes, you do have a Facebook account. Now I have to ask you, has it lived up to your expectations? Did you get what you wanted when you joined or is it just a pain in yuh know what! In my case it has been a major 'pain in meh pwefen' - for real! Of course in their case "in yuh pwefen" literally means "take dat". I wish I could be just as obnoxious but that is not in my personality (well maybe). 

Initially it was good fun especially when I realized it could be used as a decent point of entry outside of my phone contacts. It was interesting at first because I was able to get in contact with people I had not spoken to in years. People from Trinidad whom I had not spoken to on a regular basis or for a very long time. Then I made some gains and contacted some friends from High School - that was cool. People I chat with in shout-boxes were added without thought... After all we chat on a regular basis so adding them to Facebook was expected. We all have various reasons for the people we added. We have also found ourselves adding friends of friends we know right!?  However, not everything goes as planned...

Well now I am fed up with much of Facebook. Some people just don't have a life. I can't believe it , some people use Facebook like a Twitter account giving details about their actions all day long. It becomes annoying to see the amount of updates and to tell you the truth it is a pain if you are accessing the updates on your mobile phone (smartphone). Listen people get a life you are clogging up the airwaves with unnecessary data packets - we are simply not interested.  I have had enough of all the invitations from FarmVille, Games, FishVille and pics of gift baskets of  roses etc etc. Some people love these applications but I can surely do without them. How about you?

Now don't get me wrong I really find some of the party photos good to look at and even revealing at times. However, one must feel some sympathy/passion for others on the site and desist from simply posting for posting sake. Another annoying thing to see is people posting hurtful videos and pictures of people pain and suffering - they think it is funny and get laugh from so doing. This is sick behavior! Some people post just about every bit of nonsense out there. Sometimes I wonder if these people have a life outside of Facebook. So please think before you act and find something productive to do that would enhance the virtues of this human race!

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