Kaisorama results 2011 | Extempo, Political, Humorous & Social Categoris

Politics and Kaiso will always go hand in hand with the Calypsonian brazenly saying what everyone else may be saying quietly. In the Extempo competition the topic for the finals was "Government - Then and now". There is an undercurrent of PNM vs the current People's Partnership government so this was a very interesting topic that was handled well by the participants. 

First off the current champion (Minister Gypsy Peters) did not compete for obvious reasons. Lingo was swept aside this year into fifth place leaving the finalists of the 2003 competition to battle for the $100,000 first prize. In the end Sheldon John (winner 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006) lifted the prize from Phillip "Black Sage" Murray who took the second prize of $70,000. In third place was Leslie-Ann Bristow who received $20,000 for her efforts. 

In the political calypso category Karene Asche took first place singing "Uncle Jack". In second place was Eric Taylor aka "Pink Panther who sang a calypson entitled "Chalkie Say". The crowd seemed to have favored Mr. Taylor who placed second. In third place was Dr. Hollis "Chalkie" Liverpool who sang his composition entitled "Manningitis". 

In the humorous cagetory Wilfred "Young Creole" Barker won with his composition entitled "Shave Meh Barberman". He beat out Victor Mc Donald aka "Mr. Mack who sang "Crooks Family" and Winston Noel aka Daz who sang "Fork in Napkin". 

Finally in the Social category Devon Seale singing "Ah need meh Carnival" competed against Carlos James aka "Skatie" who sang "Obeah man advice" and Phillip Murray aka "Black Sage" who sang "Thank God for T&T. This category was won by Devon Seales followed by Carlos James and Phillip Murray in third place.  

Extempo Results:
  1. Sheldon John 
  2. Phillip "Black Sage" Murray
  3. Leslie-Ann Bristow
Political Calypso:
  1. Karen Asche
  2. Eric "Pink Panter" Taylor
  3. Dr. Hollis "Chalkie" Liverpool
Humorous Category:
  1. Wilfred "Young Creole" Barker
  2. Victor "Mr. Mack" Mc Donald
  3. Winston Noel
Social Category:
  1. Devon Seale
  2. Carlos "Skatie" James
  3. Phillip "Black Sage" Murray

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