Fantastic Friday 2011 | Groovy and Power Soca Finalists

The Big One is coming soon and the artists are gearing up for one of the best shows ever! On Friday March 4th. 2011, at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, the Groovy and Power Soca Monarch finals will be contested. Shurwayne Winchester will defend the Groovy Title while Jason Williams/Ancil Isaac aka JW & Blaze will defend the Power Soca Title.

The Power Soca Monarch Competition is sponsored by Bmobile phone  while the Groovy Soca Monarch is sponsored by 'Play Whe'. There are other 'minor' sponsors but the two mentioned above have their names attached to the title of the sponsored competition. This year the prize money for the winner/winners of each competition is $2 Million dollars compliments of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago!

Take note that this year the songs have been very good and not just a few but the majority. The buzz is that Machel Montano is back and all eyes will be on him when he competes for the Power Monarch title. The following is the list of finalists and it comes via the official Soca Monarch website.
Here is the link: via SOCA MONARCH


1. Denise Belfon aka Saucy Wow        
2. Kes Dieffenthaller aka Kes (Sang Wotless and won the First prize of $500,000.00)
3. Kerwin Du Bois 
4. Destra Garcia aka Destra
5. Roderick Gordon aka Chucky
6. Keon Heath & Roger Joseph aka Yankee Boy & Patch
7. Anthony Hendrickson aka All Rounder
8. Rodney Le Blanc aka Benjai (Sang Trini and won 2nd place)
9. Jahmoun Mendoza
10. Patrice Roberts
11. Dexter Stewart aka Blaxx
12. Cassiano Sylvester aka Cassi
13. Megan Walrond
Defending Monarch: Shurwayne Winchester Shurwayne Winchester


1. Ian Alvarez aka Bunji Garlin (3rd place)
2. Andy Armstrong aka Blood 
3. Nadia Batson / Patrice Roberts aka Nadia/Patrice 
4. Ravi Bissambhar aka Ravi B 
5. Wilt Cambridge aka Talpree 
6. Gamal Doyle aka Skinny Fabulous 
7. Destra Garcia aka Destra 
8. Neil George aka Iwer (The Boss) (2Nd Place)
9. Fay-Ann Lyons aka Fay-Ann (4th place)
10. Stevenson Marshall aka Shal Marshall 
11. Machel Montano aka Machel Montano HD (1st prize of $2 Million Dollars)
12. Tian Winter aka Tian 13. Michelle Xavier
Defending Monarch: Jason Williams / Ancil Isaac JW & Blaze

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